July 19, 20232 mins read

WIN! Vampr x SBX Production and Promotion Pack

By Alli Galloway

As a music creator you already know how important it is to have slick audio, video and photos. However, production and promotion can be costly at a professional standard.

Here’s where we have an exciting opportunity for all Vampr users!

Our friends Swissbeatbox (SBX) are planning a European adventure where they’ll be collaborating with all kinds of creative people along the way. Better yet, they are filming the entire thing to host on their YouTube and social channels that boast in excess of FIVE MILLION subscribers and followers.

Want a piece of the action? It’s totally possible when you enter this competition to win a…

Vampr x SBX Production & Promotion Pack

Prize includes:
  • Video & Audio production for one piece of music (6mins max)
  • Photo shoot for your social media
  • Exposure on SBX social media (5M+ followers)
  • Exposure on Vampr social media
The SBX production team will come to you, provide all relevant equipment, cameras and lighting!
YOU will own this fully edited content to use how you wish.
Follow the prompts below to enter…

Vampr x SBX


Who can enter this competition?

Anyone located in Europe with a public-facing Vampr profile.

What if I don’t have a Vampr profile yet?
Easy! Download the Vampr App, create your profile and then submit it to this competition. To get some tips on how to make your profile stand out, read this blog entry.

I don’t beatbox, can I enter? 

You do not have to be a beatboxer! All styles of music will be considered – from singer-songwriters to producers, all types of musicians, pop groups to metal bands!

How will I know if I’ve won?

This competition will be drawn on September 1st and the winner will be notified by email on September 1st.

What’s included?

A fully edited clip (up to six minutes in length) of video or audio that you will own and can use how you wish. You’ll also get a photo shoot of images for you to own and use however you like. The SBX team will travel to you.

Plus, you will get featured on both SBX and Vampr social media.

Who are SBX?

Swissbeatbox are the world’s largest community of beatboxers in the world. They boast a seriously impressive community of creatives across their highly engaged socials and website. Many member of SBX use Vampr to connect and collaborate.

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